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Online Grade Calculator

Brief Overview of How It Works

To start working with a tool, it is useful to understand how it works. The Grade Calculator consists of three columns that should be completed and a box for the average mark results. To start calculations, it is necessary to enter numerical values in the Mark and Weight columns. Only 0 to 100 numbers are available in the fields. You can also add rows by clicking the +ADD ROW box and edit information by clicking the RESET box. The Calculate computes results by different formulas depending on the required type of a grade: final, weighted, semester or for a certain assignment.

Final Grade Calculator For Your Final Target

The Final Grade Calculator is designed to calculate the percentage average mark that is required for an assignment or final exam in order to get a certain total grade. It comprises three fields of data:

Current grade – that is the points achieved for all the evaluated assignments to the moment of calculation

Final exam weight shows the importance of the test or exam that will be passed

Required final grade – that is the target value that a student wants to achieved in total for the subject.

According to a calculation formula, the required final grade is calculated by determining the weight of current grade, then weighted current grade, weighted final exam grade and weighted required grade, as follows:

Final exam grade = (weighted required grade – weighted current grade)/ final exam weight,

where each weighted grade is the grade times its weight within final total grade.

If a current or required semester grade needs to be calculated, the Semester Grade Calculator is used. It works on the same principle as the Final Grade Calculator, except that it gives the semester final grade results. The Calculator contains three Grade fields: First Quarter Grade, Second Quarter Grade, Final Exam; and the corresponding Percent of Semester Grade fields as well as the Final Grade field. The quarter grades represent the grades for classes and the percent of grade fields show their percentage meanings. To determine the required value, all the known values should be entered in the fields. The Semester Grade Calculator makes it possible to find either the semester final grade or the grade needed for the final exam in order to get a required final grade. In the second case, it is necessary to specify the desired value in the Final Grade field. Different grade calculators are very useful in studying and are often used by students in order to succeed in classes.

Weight Your Progress With The Weighted Grade Calculator

Sometimes, you may need to estimate the average grade you received for finished assignment(s). A weighted grade calculator can come in useful for this. It computes the total grade weight in percentage. The weighted grade calculator finds a weighted grade on the basis of received grade and its weight within the final grade. The grade percentage calculator returns the grade percentage within the total points. It is calculated by dividing the received points by the final possible points times 100%. Many high schools and colleges provide calculators to evaluate a grade point average (GPA). College grade calculators can determine both the average value of accumulated achievements in a course or in a set of classes over a period of time. Grades are usually granted for a number of tasks, tests and quizzes. A college grade calculator may be based on letter (A-E) and numerical or just numerical ranking that represents the grading. The average value is calculated by adding up all final grades and dividing the received count by the number of the grades. Calculators may vary significantly from one educational institution to another. It depends on different academic honors, methods of grade calculation evaluation criteria, grading systems, etc.

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