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Online Text Case Converter: Easy And Fast

Do you get annoyed when you have typed the whole sentence and forgotten to change case? Are you bothered by constantly pressing a Caps Lock button to change from lower to upper case and vice versa.

Today you can use case converter online and insert blocks of text to change them to whatever case you need. Let us have a closer look on case styles you may need.

  • Sentence case

(The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.)

In this style there is a mix of cases (lower and upper). This is the way the sentence in brackets looks like. We capitalize the first word in a sentence, proper nouns and other words that require to be capitalized according to the rules.

  • Title case

(The Roots of Education Are Bitter, but the Fruit is Sweet.)

It is also called headline case. We capitalize all the words except for functional words like prepositions, conjunctions, and articles. However, there are no general rules and universal standards.

  • All caps


As it is clear from the name, in this style only the upper case is used.

  • All lower case

(the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.)

We do not use capitals in this style. It is the style we often use in messages or poetry.

Forget about monotonous and tiring process of polishing your paper. With text case converter you will change the case quickly and easy. Copypaste the text and get it in the case you need.

Lower Case Converter

Lower case is known for its simplicity and better readability. In the then days all the letters were upper case, but then gradually there appeared a lower case. Well, you definitely do not have time to weight centuries till your case in the essay will change. For this reason, with lower case converter you can change any block of text into the size you need right now.

Upper Case Converter

Even though all caps can be regarded as shouting case and inappropriate, there are situations when you need to capitalize the block of text. Whether you need it for headlines or else, insert your text into theupper case converter and get it capitalized within a second.

Letter Case Converter Saves Your Time

Changing case can be exhausting and time-consuming. There are some rules you should keep in mind. Have a look when we use upper case:

  • Beginning of the sentence

We start a sentence with a capital letter. The reason is simple. This is done to demarcate the sentences and thus make it easier to perceive information.

  • Proper names

There is a list of subcategories to proper names, including days of the week, months, institutions, geographical names, companies, planets etc. In all these situations we will start a word with upper case like Monday, March, Harvard University, Mount Everest, Samsung, Saturn etc.

  • Titles

As to titles given to people, we capitalize them in case they go before the name (President Drew Gilpin Faust). However, if the title goes afterwards, we use lower case (Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard University). As to the book, movie etc. title, we capitalize the words according to the rules of Title case. You have nothing to worry about, as you can use online text case converter. It will accurately change the text you need.

  • Headlines with all caps

We capitalize the words in the headline, except for short prepositions, conjunctions, and articles.

If you do not want to waste your time thinking whether to capitalize the letter or not, use letter case converter and it will do everything for you.

How it Works

This tool is truly easy and convenient, so let us see how it works.

  1. Type or copy and paste the text. You have typed the block of text in your essay, but the case is wrong? Copy and paste it into the converter.
  2. Choose the case you want to convert to. Pick the option among UPPER CASE, lower case, Sentence case or Title Case. Click on the button.
  3. Copy the converted text and paste it into your document. Your text is changed to the case you need. All is left is to copy and paste it into you paper.

See? It is that easy. Today you can forget about hours of polishing your paper. You can do it within a second with a converter tool.

2 responses to “Case Converter”

  1. Frankly speaking, I have never noticed how many mistakes I make with the case. I rarely reread my texts, I submit them, and there you go, a low grade because of simple mistakes. I use this converter to format my texts in the proper case.

  2. I usually type in the lowercase, never use the uppercase but I use this case converter. When I am simply typing the text, I am concentrated on the sense of what I am writing. And I simply don’t care what case I should use. I just use the converter.

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