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Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Writing Tips

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Write Perfect Dissertation Step by Step

Dissertation paper writing is a final and most prominent university project both for undergraduate and PhD students. You’re going to defend your Master’s degree or PhD by showing that you can conduct thorough research on the topic and present your findings in an original way.

Dissertation paper is a type of work that shows your skills and knowledge to the full to the committee. So, the work you’re going to present at the end of your final year should be impressive and just impeccable. Use the guidelines stated below and complete your final assignment with excellence.

Start with Dissertation Proposal

Every dissertation starts with proposal. Dissertation proposal is a type of document that demonstrates the question, you’re going to investigate, its value, and scientific significance. The task is to persuade committee that your dissertation is going to make significant contribution to the field of investigation. Think of the theme, question, and a title to your dissertation proposal. Include answers to the following questions to make sure you effectively persuade the scholars:

  • What problem are you going to investigate?
  • What’s its scientific significance?
  • Why is it important to come up with a solution to this problem?
  • What methods are you going to use for research?

Choose a topic that will be interesting for you, so that you feel challenged to conduct thorough research on the question.

Structure dissertation proposal according to the academic requirements and include the following points:

  • Title
  • Dissertation objectives
  • Literature
  • Research
  • Methodology
  • Possible conclusion
  • List of references

Provide Research on the Topic

Once you have written a proposal and discussed all the aspects of your paper with a mentor, you can proceed to the research itself.

Study all the background information to have full understanding of the question under discussion. Review all previous academic studies on the topic, take a time to read the most recent findings and narrow down the list of reference materials to your dissertation.

You can start searching on the Internet and then, once you have a list of relevant materials, go to the library. You can copy important information and use it for reference in your paper.

Take notes and organize them in the right order. You have to make a paper outline to be able to complete it in a logical way. A plan or detailed dissertation outline can help you write a paper step-by-step and finish the assignment before stated deadline.

A stage of research is essential in the writing process, so you should do it thoroughly and in a profound way. If you want to present an impressive dissertation to a committee of your department, you should take into consideration every aspect of the topic.

Write Excellent Dissertation

Once you complete research and have an outline, you can start writing the first draft of the paper. Your task is to put all the information into coherent and cohesive text. The paper outline is helpful while writing the first draft, it should include the following points:

  • Introduction: you present the topic and the dissertation statement. Then, provide clarifications on the purpose of the study. Don’t forget to state the methods that are to be used for the research, as well as provide some assumptions about final outcomes.
  • Main Body and Findings: in this chapter you should show all your knowledge on the topic, research skills and intellectual capacities. You have to provide arguments and answers to questions you’ve stated in the introduction of the paper.
  • Conclusions: make summery of your findings and provide reasons why they have scientific significance for the future investigations.

Arrange bibliography into the right order and in accordance with the academic requirements.

Now, the draft should be reviewed and edited. You can ask for help a professional editor to proofread your paper. If your sentences are too long and complicated, break them into smaller ones. Try to make your paper as simple and clear as possible.

The moment you finish editing and proofreading, move to the next stage – type the final draft of the dissertation.

If you put your heart and soul into this work, you’re guaranteed to defend the dissertation with excellence.